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How to avoid a hangover?

There are a few ways to avoid hangovers. Off course one is to not drink excessively. But that’s certainly not the answer most are looking for. There really isn’t much to add to the discourse of hangover cures. It has all been said and it has all been tried. But the key here is that what we are talking about is not the cure of a hangover. There really isn’t an after-the-fact. But there is a way to avoid a hangover in the first place. This just means that the process to stay clear of a hangover is before the first drink hits your palette.

Alcohol and the Body

The main reason for a hangover is the rapid depletion of water. Within thirty minutes of the first drink, you will be headed to the urinals. This is because alcohol suppresses a hormone in your system. The hormone Arginine Vasopressin, or AVP, is responsible for regulating the water in our system. Alcohol suppresses AVP which results in the body immediately urinating the water out of the system. Remember, our bodies are approximately 70% water and the kidneys main job is to filter out the water, which it does very well. AVP regulates the miniature tubules in the kidney to limit that function. The moment AVP is limited, the tubules open up and the water in the blood begins to filter though faster.

Avoiding the Hangover

To avoid all this, the trick is to drink lots of water. Before taking water from the brain, the blood looks for water in the intestines. So if there is a lot of water in the system, that’s where it will come from first. However, this is not sufficient.

Another proven method is to aid the body on multiple fronts by using a triumvirate strategy. This strategy is to absorb water more efficiently and increase the body’s ability to battle dehydration; to boost the enzymes that break down alcohol; and finally to allow energy boosters to battle the lethargy that follows the hangover.

Booze Burner is one product to battle all three things at the same time. It provides the means to assist your body to replenish and repair itself so that it can help absorb water. It also contains the vitamins that allow for an energy boost the next morning and it boosts the enzyme levels in the stomach to help break down alcohol.

The faster alcohol is broken down, the less it invades the circulatory system, which results in lesser toxicity in the cells. Part of the feeling of pain is from the cells in the body in a state of disarray due to the absorption of alcohol.

A reduction of water in the blood results in the blood thickening and the heart has to work harder to pump more blood through the system. AVP also has the function of constricting the blood vessels. With the suppressing of AVP, the blood vessels remain wide and this pushes think blood into the head at high pressure. This is another reason for the headache as the pressure of the blood causes the incessant throbbing.