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Anna R., Los Angeles, California, USA Profession: Actress

Anna is an active professional actress in Hollywood, California. She is a petite woman weighing in AT under 100 pounds. She works on a variety of TV shows, commercials and other promotions. Her days are filled with attending a variety of locations and performing all sorts of tasks, so she needs to be ready when a call comes in to work the next day. A good portion of each day involves networking and meeting other people at various functions and social gatherings, meeting other actors, directors and producers, where typically a few drinks are consumed.
For Anna, it is vital to be in control and not take a day off to nurse a hangover. One of her friends told her about Booze Burner and she tried it. The next day she woke as if she hadn’t been drinking at all the previous day. She quite often had to take the next morning off and maybe even the next afternoon to nurse a hangover as a result of only a couple drinks. She exclaimed: “Wow, those Booze Burner things work!”

Lloyd G., Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada Profession: Construction Sales Associate

Lloyd works hard in the home construction business.  He meets with a variety of people on the job, including workers, engineers and customers.  It’s a fun and exciting yet stressful job.  He also has to deal with an ex-wife who contacts him for a variety of things. His days are challenging and stressful, so to unwind he likes to go out with his friends and have a few drinks from time to time.

He has to remain accountable for himself, his kids, and keeping up with the demands at work. As a responsible father and employee he needs to stay in control and focused.  One of his good friends told him about Booze Burner and he decided to try it.  Now Lloyd starts off his celebration times by popping a couple of Booze Burner capsules and sometimes even a couple at the end of his drinking. His experience was that the pills are “tasteless and it really work!! 2 Thumbs up for Booze Burner.”

Lauren S., San Francisco, California, USA Profession: Veterinarian

Lauren deals with peoples’ pets all day long and experiences quite a bit of stress.  Part of that comes from correctly diagnosing what is troubling the animal and plotting out the best course of treatment. However, the larger part of the stress of this job stems from keeping the pet owners calm and informed  — which can be the bigger issue than dealing with the animals.  She is very athletic, leads an active lifestyle and is always on the go.  She firmly believes in the “work hard, play hard” mantra, so when it comes time to have fun and go out with her friends, she enjoys having a few drinks.

She has to stay in control to be able to perform not only her job but her sports activities, including Rollersoccer (soccer played on rollerblades) that she loves.  One of her good friends told her about our Booze Burner product.  She now enjoys her wine, and wakes up just fine the next day.  Her furry friends appreciate the importance of having a good time. Now Lauren is free to enjoy a night out while still having a clear mind and capable hands the next day.

Kat, San Francisco Bay Area, USA Profession: Pilot

My name is Kat.  I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, just 20 miles from the beautiful Napa Valley wine country. For my entire adult life, anything more than just a few sips of any alcoholic beverage, even the finest of wines, would bring on an instant headache.

I just had to write to your and say how thrilled I am to have discovered Booze Burner.  I recently threw caution to the wind during a friend’s birthday celebration, and took Booze Burner exactly as prescribed.  Not only did I enjoy several wine tastings, I even followed that with some vodka at dinner and (gasp!) a celebratory shot of tequila.  Until now, this mixture would have put me out of commission for the entire next day… and me swearing off alcohol forever.  As it turned out, I woke without a trace of a hangover. Most of my friends weren’t so lucky and will be ordering their own supply of Booze Burner soon!

My healthy lifestyle doesn’t involve much drinking.  I’m fit, 40 years old, a former Air Force pilot and now fly MD-80s for the commercial airlines.  However, I’m so glad that now I can enjoy some wonderful wine to relax when I get home.

Paul B., Boston, Massachewsetts, USA Profession: Ballistics expert for criminal investigations

My job can be very stressful as an expert for criminal and accident investigations. All of the equipment we use must be calibrated regularly before we can even start doing experiments. Not only that, there is a lot of paperwork involved. Everything has to be thoroughly documented and checked. My job includes examining spent shell casings and to determine if they were used by a specific firearm. The tests are extremely rigorous and take a good deal of concentration. My results are frequently used in a court of law to assist in convicting or exonerating  a suspect. I need to be precise as people’s lives can be completely altered based on some of the findings I make.

I’m like any other guy with a job, a wife, and a family. There are stresses in my life and I like to enjoy myself and relax by having a beer or two. I need to be responsible to myself, my family and my job, so I can not afford a DUI (Driving Under the Influence charge) or being in any way off my game. I was relieved when a friend told me about Booze Burner. Certainly, I was a bit skeptical at first, but I tried it the next weekend.

I woke up the next day refreshed and clear-headed. It was incredible! No cobwebs in my head and I felt great!  Booze Burner definitely lived up to its promises. Now, I keep a dish of these packets near the door, and grab a few when I go out to have some beers. I make sure to start the evening with Booze Burner every time. It is like having vitamins with my beer!

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