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Alcohol Metabolizer

Are you tired of that drunk, wasted feeling in the morning after a fun night of drinking? To help prevent the much dreaded hangover you first should understand what happens when you drink. When you drink alcohol your body undergoes chemical changes. Usually these changes can be understood commonly as being drunk, but beyond the drunk sensation the way your body handles the alcohol is also a chemical wonder. But what exactly is happening and how do you stop it?

Metabolism is the body’s way of breaking down what a person eats or drinks, into usable nutrients or into junk that it has to protect the body from. You can probably remember feeling better after eating something nutritious, that your body quickly broke down into “fuel” for the body. Alcoholic beverages are not fuel for the body, but “junk.”  Drinking alcoholic beverages is an overload of “junk” from which the body has to protect itself. This is why the drinker experiences such things as lowered ability to think, and even to walk, much less drive — before the body can completely metabolize the alcohol. In other words, without Booze Burner, the body experiences the full impact of what we commonly call “being drunk” the night of drinking, and hungover the day after.

The day after, the body is still working on handling the alcohol — unless you’ve taken Booze Burner, in these well tested, 1,2,3 steps:

Step #1: Start with a glass of water and a packet of Booze Burner (2 capsules per packet).

Step #2: After 3 drinks,  take another glass of water and another packet (2 capsules).

Step #3: If you lose count after that, then at the end of the night (before you go to bed) take another glass of water and one more packet (2 capsules).  At this point you will have taken three packets.

Taking Booze Burner reduces the degree of being drunk and can completely erase the next day’s hangover, so you can work.

Usually the best way to prevent a hangover is to increase your metabolism, allowing your body to process the alcohol much more quickly and efficiently. The normal ways of doing this include exercising, having a proper healthy diet, lots of sleep and reducing the stress in your life. These are all good ways, but sometimes either you do not have the time to practice this routine on a daily basis, or your body just refuses to cooperate.

Now there is a new way to help prevent those nasty hangovers. Booze Burner is capsules that will prevent you from getting hungover from alcohol. It is an all natural product so you do not have to worry about chemicals that can harm your body even more. Booze Burner is full of vitamins and minerals which help build stronger and more efficient enzymes, and also replenishes the minerals which can be lost from the damage alcohol causes to the body. This is a safe and natural way to have fun at that party, and still be able to function normally the next day.

P.S. There is another product out there that claims it is the “World’s First and Only Alcohol Metabolizer” …well that is not true.  While it may be true that they were the first one to market, Booze Burner is the “Only Proven Alcohol Metabolizer”.