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How Booze Burner Works

Booze Burner is a blend of all natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes that work with your body to neutralize and eliminate alcohol from your bloodstream

The scientists at CAR Labs, Inc. in California have figured out an ingenious way to prevent a hangover from ruining your day with these clever little capsules.
Taking two capsules with a small amount of water at the beginning or shortly after starting drinking kick-starts your metabolism into rapidly neutralizing and eliminating the alcohol you consume. Booze Burner is a blend of natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes that enhances and increases your body’s natural detoxification processes and aids the liver in doing its job of detoxifying the blood.

Taking Booze Burner is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Before drinking (or as soon as you remember), drink a glass of water and a packet (2 capsules) of Booze Burner

After 3 drinks, take another glass of water and another packet (2 capsules).

If you lose count after that, then at the end of the night (before you go to bed) take another glass of water and 1 more packet (2 capsules). At this point you will have taken three packets (6 capsules).

Booze Burner's effectiveness

Studies have shown Booze Burner is effective in burning off alcohol at a faster rate than normal. 
The scientists at CAR Labs had their test subjects drink four shots of rum (35% alcohol by volume) on an empty stomach, and logged their progress every 15 minutes using a police-issued breathalyzer. Test subjects were allowed 30ml (1/8 cup) of water every 45 minutes. Subjects were not allowed any food during the test period, and were monitored until their blood alcohol content (BAC) went back down to 0.00%. These same people were then given a day to rest before doing the exact same test, but this time taking a Booze Burner capsule at the start of the test. The results clearly showed that all of the subjects had increased their alcohol metabolism, in other words, their bodies were able to break down the alcohol significantly faster when taking Booze Burner!

Actual test results

We have tested our product on a variety of individuals. The results vary depending on the individual’s diet, weight, gender and current state of health. However, in general we have found that taking Booze Burner results in a faster overall metabolism of alcohol! NOTE: This should not be taken as a green light to binge drink. Booze Burner will simply help you metabolize alcohol faster so that you wake up feeling great!
Each person was given four shots of the same brand of alcohol, rated at 35% alcohol by volume. Each person began the test with an empty stomach prior to consumption. Every 15 minutes each test subject’s level of alcohol was measured using a Draeger Alcotest 6810 breathalyzer — the same ones used by police in California.

Try Your Booze Burner Today!

Hangovers could be a thing of the past

The dreaded effects of a hangover could be a thing of the past according to the scientists at CAR Labs. Initially working on a way to help one of their friends become less drunk plus wanting to eliminate that groggy feeling one can have the next morning after a couple of drinks, they discovered an all natural blend of vitamins and enzymes — and decided to make it available to the public.

Take Booze Burner with you in your pocket, purse or wallet

CAR Labs has marketed this product with practicality in mind. They have designed a colorful 2-capsule packet which neatly tucks away in your wallet, purse or pocket. The product is intended for responsible individuals who want to be sociable and have a few cocktails, yet be able to work the next day without the awful symptoms of a hangover.  This is an ideal product to have on hand for the annual Christmas party at the office, a night entertaining clients or any other occasion which involves alcohol.  CAR Labs clearly states on the packaging that their product is not a license to binge drink (…sorry fraternity boys).