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Booze Burner – a Natural Hangover Prevention!

Scientists at CAR Labs have figured out a way to prevent a hangover from ruining your next day with these clever little capsules named “Booze Burner”. One must take the capsules at the start of an alcohol indulgence. Booze Burner is a blend of all natural vitamins and enzymes.

The dreaded effects of a hangover could be a thing of the past. People can take Booze Burner at the beginning of a drinking session (usually a night out) to stimulate the alcohol metabolism of the body so it can recover from alcoholic beverages at a much faster rate than normal. They were initially working on a way to help one of their friends become less drunk and also wanted to eliminate that groggy feeling one can have the next morning after a couple glasses of wine. As a result, they discovered this all natural blend of enzymes, minerals and vitamins, then decided to make it available to the public.

Booze Burner was created by a biochemist, a chemist and a toxicologist who were enjoying a few drinks, when the idea struck them as to how to become less intoxicated but still enjoy an alcoholic beverage. They challenged themselves to come up with a formulation that would help speed up the alcohol metabolism process. This was how Booze Burner was born.

Initially, they had turned to the Internet where they found a handful of products that contained activated charcoal (like the stuff found in barbecue coals) to absorb toxins. Instead they wanted to find a natural way to break down alcohol.

The individual ingredients in the Booze Burner blend have been granted FDA approval. There are no adverse side-effects because this product is made from natural ingredients. Some users have reported enhanced sexual stamina, although no formal studies have been done on this as yet.

Tests show that Booze Burner is effective in burning off the body’s alcohol at a faster rate than normal. The scientists used a police issued breathalyser and first had their subjects drink four shots of rum (35% alcohol by volume) and logged their progress to recovery every 15 minutes . On an empty stomach, test subjects (real human guinea pigs) were not allowed to drink more alcohol (just 30ml (1/8 cup) of water every 45 minutes) nor consume any food. The subjects were monitored until their blood alcohol content (BAC) went back down to 0.00%. These same people were then given a day to rest before doing the exact same test but this time taking a Booze Burner right at the start. The results clearly showed that all of the subjects had increased their alcohol metabolism, in other words, broke down the alcohol faster with the use of Booze Burner!

They have created a small 2-capsule packet which neatly fits in a pocket, wallet or purse. The product is intended to be for the individual who want to be social and have a few cocktails, yet be able to go to work the next day without a hangover. The package clearly states that the product is not a license to binge drink (…sorry fraternity boys).

Overall, Booze Burner is an innovative enzyme supplement that will help the body’s natural processes to work more efficiently to burn off alcohol.