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Our Science. Your Health.

We are a team of dedicated scientists who have the singular goal of creating the best products from natural ingredients.  Our priority is delivering a healthy and safe product that you can use in your daily life without side effects.

“My mission is to create the healthiest product from natural ingredients.”

Dr. Andy Skauge

CEO & Founder

Our Story

The developers, trained scientists in the fields of chemistry and biochemistry, were having a few drinks one evening when the idea struck them as to how to enjoy a reasonable amount of alcohol and not suffer adverse effects of it the next morning. Over the next 6 months they worked out a formulation that would help speed up the body’s ability to break down alcohol, and Booze Burner was the result.

They wanted to find a natural way to break down alcohol that decreased or minimized the stress on the liver — the main blood detoxifying organ in the body. Since each individual ingredient in Booze Burner has been granted FDA approval, the product is reliable and safe to use. There are NO adverse side-effects or toxicity, as this product is made from naturally occurring ingredients, not chemicals. Some users have also reported enhanced sexual stamina, although this point has not been scientifically tested in the lab as yet.


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Our Team

Dr. Andy Skauge

CEO & Founder

Chris Snow